Friday Musings: New job, dinosaurs, broken windows, Imo’s & Green Bean!

This was a weird week, but I am definitely blessed. It was my first week in a new office. I had been working remotely for the first few weeks in St. Louis, but I am a real person again and it feels good to have a spot to eat my lunch and experience different surroundings than our neighborhood. I also found a giant dinosaur during a bike ride in Forest Park. AMAZING.

It was weird because I had my car broken into on Friday. Not a great start to my weekend. While the burglar didn’t take anything (my Bible study workbook and boat shoes must not have appealed to them), it wasn’t fun being windowless for the weekend until my insurance company could fix it. The experience reminded me of how blessed I am to have people that love me and always be there for me. I wasn’t alone and no one was hurt. Disclaimer: everything else about St. Louis has been great. I truly love it here.

photo 1

On Saturday we ordered Imo’s, which means I am STL official. Some foodies are disgusted by Imo’s, but take off your foodie hat, get over yourself, and order Imo’s stat. I reverted back to a high school swimmer and proceeded to stuff my face. The provel cheese is what makes it unique and I have to say, I liked it in a Velveeta sort of way.

photo 2

My PSA for the week is that Trader Joe’s has Schlafly’s pumpkin beer. I also treated my man to bacon. No one can ever accuse me of not loving him. Happy belated National Dog Day, photo of Jack below. I made chocolate chunk cookies for polo last weekend and the final photo is a giant bear at Costco. Feel free to mail one my way. I am sure he would fit nicely in the apartment.

photo 3

Finally, a Green Bean review. I signed up for the every two weeks delivery and Wednesdays are becoming my favorite day. That morning you place your empty green bean bin out and around 8pm our Green Bean delivery man replaces our bin. Here is this week’s bin and a list of what was inside. The best part is that you can modify your bin on the Monday of the delivery week. We have learned a lot, such as my boyfriend’s epiphany that “Swiss chard is stupid.” Good to know!

green bean

1 24 oz. Potatoes, Red $3.50
1 Each Lettuce, Romaine – Feel Good Farm $2.95
1 1 lb. Peppers, Green Sweet – Feel Good Farm $3.80
2 Bunch Celery $5.90
4 Each Nectarine, White $4.60
1 20 oz. Tomatoes, Roma – Todd Geisert Farms $2.75
1 Each Avocado $2.45
1 Bunch Broccolette $3.45
1 Each Lime $0.65
1 8 oz. Spinach, Baby $3.65
1 8 oz. Greens, Salad Mix $3.65
  Estimated Tax $1.88
  TOTAL $40.68

Have a good weekend everyone!

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