Friday Musings: Stacked burgers, polo, Jeni’s, Lou Fest, & taco salad

YAY for making it to Friday! I get horrible migraines and this week was not great – lesson learned, a generic medication is the not the same as the real deal. That said, the highlight was our Green Bean delivery on Wednesday, dinners at home and taking it easy after work.

On Saturday we went exploring. I saw an ad for Stacked STL in Feast magazine, so we ventured out to a new part of St Louis and I loved it. Any place that lets me build my own burger is a winner in my book. I went with grass fed beef, goat cheese, roasted red peppers, and grainy mustard. They even have gluten free buns! I am not 100% gluten free, but I can tell I do feel better when I don’t eat it. My boyfriend went with Texas toast, barbecue sauce and pepper jack. Mine was a little more expensive…. surprising, I know.

unnamed (1)

The flowers are from Straub’s and were an unexpected treat from my boyfriend after he played chess with a friend. He not only transported the flowers, but also a case of pumpkin beer on his bike. What a guy! I took the picture of the Arch from the car window as we made our way back to the city after burgers. The Therapeutic Horsemanship’s charity polo match followed our burger lunch, which was a lot of fun and an exciting match to watch. The ice cream is Jeni’s, which is my all time favorite. We used to get it in Nashville when my boyfriend lived there and Jeni’s had a stand at Lou Fest on Sunday. I got the duo with blueberry lemon and vanilla. Complete heaven as we sat on the grass and people watched, feeling very unhip. We went around 5 for the food and we left around 9 after about three Outkast songs and just the right amount of Schlafly stouts, which was pretty much perfect in our opinion.

unnamed (2)

Big news (at least in my world), Vineyard Vines announced that STL is getting a store! I plan to avoid it like the plague in an effort to save my bank account, but I’m glad there will be an influx of whale related items in the city. My Simplified Planner arrived and now I just have to patiently wait until January to begin using it. The creator, Emily Ley, is an organizational genius. I also had a Vogue and ice cream dinner on Tuesday. A thunderstorm, a solo night to myself, and no energy to make the planned pot roast justified the indulgence. Last photo is of a card I found that is just too good not to share.


Finally, I subtlety mentioned on the blog that Costco has giant bears and because my parents are pretty amazing, they staked out Costco until they successfully left with Ralph. He enjoys convertible rides and Jack (my dog) likes his new friend, so no word on when Ralph will arrive (if ever) to STL.

unnamed (3)

The recipe this week is pretty simple and doesn’t merit a separate post. I try to pack my lunch everyday, mainly to save money and because I am guaranteed to be happy with whatever I pack. We have limited choices near my office building. Either the coffee shop with overpriced salads or a fancy place I only ever go with my boss. A couscous salad is not worth $14 in my opinion (I hope my boss is not reading this). So, here is a lunch from this week. A simple taco salad of leftover chicken, greens, peppers, cheddar cheese, ranch, and salsa. I crunched up the bag of chips (these are my favorite – found at Fresh Market) and added it to the mix. I also love these collapsable salad dressing containers that I found at Bed Bath & Beyond. The only way to improve this would be to add black beans and avocado, but I used what I had!

unnamed (4)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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