Libby does brunch: Brassiere, Half & Half + recent foodie finds

This week was fairly uneventful, in a good way. After a whirlwind weekend, a week focused on work and the mundane tasks of laundry, grocery shopping, and cleaning were just fine with me.

Here is a quick recap of our brunch spots from this past weekend. We went to Brassiere, a French place in the Central West End. The menu is limited, but everything on the menu is delicious and is made with high quality ingredients.


I had a salad with two poached eggs and bacon. I also noshed on my friend’s order of French fries and her leftover open-faced brisket sandwich. Some of the best brisket I have ever had. My goodness. And don’t go there without ordering something bacon related. It is the kind of thick cut bacon that God intended. I also recommend their burger if you go for lunch.


On Sunday, we went to Half & Half in Clayton, which is the closest I have found to a Patachou (for my Indiana friends), but not really close. They have Sriracha (yay for omelet art) and the staff was friendly, but the similarities stopped there. The wait is a little ridiculous, but we had been warned and went an hour early since we had a group of eight.


I had the veggie hash – two eggs sunny side up over a hash of roasted brussel sprouts and red potatoes. Amazing and I would order it again. My friends got the biscuits and gravy and the avocado tacos. My friend Lauren loved her Bloody Mary, complete with a fried pickle as a garnish.

I also thought I would use this week’s post to share a few of my favorite recent foodie finds. I found Fancy Pants wine at Target and obviously purchased it for the name alone. It was on sale for $9.99, so I bought the cab and we were pleasantly surprised. It was a really nice, inexpensive bottle for a Tuesday night dinner of salmon and roasted veggies.

I love the mini bries from Trader Joe’s. I could do a never-ending blog post about my love for TJ’s, but I will spare you. My mom spoiled me and sent B. Happy peanut butter, made in Indiana and Patachou’s preferred pb. It has a warning label that it is addictive and it is. It should be illegal in all fifty states. DANGEROUS!

I have also been using my Soda Stream for the seltzer only and adding it to 100% juice to dilute it. I try to avoid artificial sweeteners and this is a great way to get me to drink more fluids throughout the day.


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