And now, libby provides helpful hints like don’t buy $100 lululemon pants, buy cheese instead

I said I would only blog about food, but after a few of my closest friends asked me to experiment with lifestyle posts, I have decided to share a few of my favorite new fashion finds. I will still use this blog to share recipes and food ideas 90% of the time because let’s be honest, I love to eat.

So, here we go. Below are a few items I have added to my wardrobe for fall. I could not resist the JCrew vest when they released it in gingham. I bought the copycat vest from Old Navy in olive green last winter because $110 wasn’t happening for something I felt mediocre about. However, the gingham pattern combined with the fairly reasonable outlet price justifies this purchase. At least 75% of my wardrobe is JCrew (some crewcuts to save money), but I can count on one hand the number of times I have purchased something at full price.

I like to think I have a master’s degree in shopping on a budget. I have certain price thresholds in my head of how much I am willing to pay for items and as I get older I live by the ‘Will I still be thinking about this item years from now?’ philosophy. Quality also trumps quantity every time, with the exception of $4 clearance t-shirts from the Gap and men’s Hanes v-necks in size small. I am also known to wear $200 shoes with $10 pants. However, I will not be posting $100 Lululemon pants on here…get the $20 version at Target and treat yourself to some really nice cheese at Whole Foods. Maybe a baguette too. And fancy imported olives. Seriously.

    1. JCrew gingham vest
    2. Franco Sarto desert booties – DSW (I bought them in sand and navy)
    3. Boyfriend jeans – Banana Republic (really on sale now!)
    4. Wrap top, black and camel color – Banana Republic (flattering on everyone)


Here are a few of my favorite accessories. This Kate Spade gingham wallet (notice a theme here?) was my favorite find this summer. Kate Spade no longer has it, but I did find it on Amazon!

I wear this bow bracelet everyday. I love that it is light and not overwhelming. I ordered a kids size because I have a very small wrist and it fits perfectly.

I don’t wear make-up, but I swear by Philosophy’s Hope in a jar. I have been using it since high school and I love it. My mom got me hooked on the Philosophy products and the witty sayings on the bottles are guaranteed to make your day better.

Finally, I wear pearl earrings everyday and they’re Honora from QVC. You can’t beat the quality and price for real pearls.



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