Favorite Green Smoothie + Indy Monumental Yoga

I love all things City Market. It is one of Indy’s best kept secrets. It is two blocks from my condo and two blocks from my office, which makes it ideal for a mid afternoon snack run.

The crepe place, Three Carrots, the classic NY style deli, and the gelato shop are all great, but my favorite is Twenty Two Juice. I know what you’re thinking, everyone has their take on a green smoothie. This is just another gross recipe. Not true with this one. The tiniest bit of date syrup gives it that certain something. I ordered date syrup from Amazon to re-create this at home.

I also love that it is as simple as a banana, almond milk, a generous scoop of nut butter and a few handfuls of spinach. Also, don’t be fooled. This was my second lunch. Smoothies are snacks.

The spiralla thrilla, as they call it, is a monthly special, so I made sure to jot down what was in it. I have also included photos below of the chalkboard menu for their smoothies and juices for you to get ideas. I have had the Kale Yeah juice and I want to try the beet one next.

Also, this week I went to the annual Monumental Yoga celebration on Monument Circle with one of my best friends. It was International Yoga Day and the Summer Solstice, so it was a perfect day to get our namaste on.

While I love Invoke Studio, there were seven instructors represented from different yoga studios in Indy and we thought it was confusing and a little hard to follow since each instructor did their own thing. It was one too many chatarangas and not enough child’s pose.

Nonetheless, it is worth it to lay on your yoga mat in the middle of the street and look up at the clouds and skyscrapers. I could see all of the places I have worked: the Chase building, the Old National building, the State House, and my current office from my spot on the ground. Indy holds a special place in my heart.


  • 1 cup almond milk
  • A generous dollop of nut butter
  • A few squirts of date syrup (Date Lady is $8 via Amazon)
  • 1 banana (frozen is best, so that no ice is needed)
  • A few handfuls of spinach

Throw in the blender and go.


I thought I’d share a few of my recent finds. I am always on the lookout for little things that make me happy. I found these Oloves packs on Amazon and they are a great little snack to take to work.

The striped yoga pants from Athleta are my new favorite pants.

I also finally went to the dark side and got Tevas. After reading all of the reviews on Amazon and specifically one review from a tour guide lady that walks backwards all day and swears by them, I bought a pair. I still live in my Birkenstock gizehs, but these will get some wear and tear this summer exploring.

This chevron ikat linen tank is half price at J.Crew right now and I love the pattern.

Xx, Libby

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