Living Life to the Fullest: Summer 2015 Bucket List

One of my very best friends is the epitome of living life to the fullest. She pushes you to be your best, she is always there for you, and she is honest to a fault. I can count on her to tell it to me straight no matter what and there are not enough people in this world like that. A few years ago she found out she has cancer. This is not the forum for me to openly discuss this, nor will I share any personal details, but it is important to mention because it has encouraged me to live my life to the fullest.

I went through more than a year of doctor’s appointments trying to figure out what was wrong with me and she was always there to listen even when I felt like my problems were inconsequential. She would remind me that as long as it effects you, it is a big deal. Long story short, I have neurocardiogenic syncope and sometimes pass out. I fight through dizziness and migraines on a daily basis and always tell myself, I can do this. I am strong and capable. Here’s a recent NYTimes article about it if you’re really interested. I also had vertigo for six months, which didn’t help with the diagnosis. I constantly felt like I was on a boat and not the vacation kind! The Cleveland Clinic was my godsend and now I can manage it day to day. I no longer feel like the freak that might fall off my chair at my desk or have to awkwardly lean against the wall at dinner parties so I don’t lose my balance. It has also given me even more compassion for people than before. You never know what someone is going through. It’s a very real situation that I might have to just sit down in the middle of Target so I don’t hit my head and hey, that’s ok! I will probably treat myself to ice cream or a two pack of those fancy felt tip pens and move on.

Now onto the purpose of this post after the lengthy set-up, introducing my 2015 SUMMER BUCKET LIST! WOOT WOOT. Apologies for the all caps, but sometimes it is necessary. This is just a start and said friend mentioned above contributed a few items. Please leave a comment if you have any ideas! As the summer progresses, I plan to update and cross off items on the list and will do one final summer wrap-up post at the end of August. While this isn’t necessarily food related, I can guarantee food will be enjoyed during all of these activities and in my experience, every new adventure leads to good food inspiration.

I found a photo I took at the Cleveland Clinic on July 14th, 2014, right before an EKG. It is amazing how much has changed – good and bad – since then. The bottom photo is from a few weeks ago – back in Indy and loving life.



Strawberry picking
Kayaking at Eagle Creek
Sleep/nap outside
Taste test new ice cream shop
Attend an art class

Pacers Bike Share – DONE (June)
Yoga outside – DONE (6/21 Monumental Yoga)
Paddle board yoga (or meditation)

Bike somewhere really far (the Monon does not count!)

Indy Hiking Club

St Joseph Brewery

View from Crown Hill Cemetary

Duckpin Bowling 

Bluebeard and Milktooth

Workout Wednesdays – Georgia Street

Vonnegut Library

Food Truck Friday

Mug n Bun drive-in
Sneak in someplace
Lazy river

Learn a yoga handstand

Camp in my living room in a tent and make s’mores

Buy waterguns. Invite friends.

Paint canvases with friends

Symphony on the Prairie

IMA movie night
Drive in movie
New museum/exhibit
Batting cages

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