Mimi Blue Meatballs + Indy Reads

My Dad is in town, so we decided to eat somewhere new. We get stuck in a rut of going to the same restaurants on Mass Ave. I had heard good things about Mimi Blue Meatballs and now I understand why.

Mimi Blue, the restaurant’s namesake, was raised in Indianapolis “back when downtown was the only town, when people got dressed up for the theater and restaurant dining was a luxury.” Here is a little history from their website:

“Mimi Blue Meatballs is a tribute to our mother “Mimi Blue” Kosene. Mimi was a Lady, endowed with manners, taste, and an easy social grace. She loved good food whether dining out or cooking for a hard-working husband and three sons. Every home-cooked meal had to satisfy the whole family, as well as any friends who often stopped by. Cooking was the way she brought us together, kept us healthy, and showed us love.”

There are dry erase markers in the flower vases for you to fill out your order on the laminated menu. The combinations are endless. You can get sliders with little buns, or a set of three, or even order them individually. I went the single route and ordered two turkey meatballs with marinara and a side salad.

The turkey was really flavorful and it’s gluten free. The marinara was chunky and you can tell it was homemade. My Dad went with the classic (beef + sausage) meatball sliders and the marinara. We shared the mac and cheese, which was unexpectedly spicy.

I will definitely be a regular at Mimi’s and they have a different meatball special every week, so there’s always something new to try.

Across the street is Homespun Indy, which sells all Indiana products and has the cutest, quirkiest goods. At the end of the Mass Ave extension is Indy Reads. It’s so nice to have a local bookstore within walking distance (that isn’t a Barnes and Noble). When I first moved to Indy after college, downtown had a Borders and it was my weekend ritual to browse the latest and greatest.

Xx, Libby


2 responses to “Mimi Blue Meatballs + Indy Reads”

  1. Literally looove La Croix! It’s such a good replacement for soda when you need something other than water. Great recipe ideas!



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