London: Churchill War Rooms + The Play That Went Wrong 

November 22:

Today we explored Westminster, said hello to Big Ben and went to Churchill’s war rooms. It had been on my bucket list and it did not disappoint. I named my dog after him, so you know I am a fan. It was amazing to see the underground bunkers and our curator said that it is very accurate as to what it looked like during the six years that Churchill and his cabinet used the space for the war efforts. His wife Clementine was his confidante and support. They wrote the best letters to each other. One of Churchill’s letters to his mother asked her to help with his campaign and he used the word ‘indefatigable,’ so use that the next time you are not tired. 

We had lunch at a nearby pub and I had toast with a buttered mushroom sauce and a poached egg. I got a side of Brussels sprouts with bacon, which were good, but I like them a little burnt. My friend is on a fish and chips tour and has had them at almost every place we have eaten. The consensus is that these were decent. She never eats the mashed peas, which I have to admit, I don’t mind them. We also rated each restaurant on their chips. 

Then we went to Covent Gardens and treated ourselves to Dior lipstick. Very unlike me since I own little makeup, but it was a special occasion. Next we went to the Duchess Theater for ‘A Play That Went Wrong.’ Hilarious. My friend and I were laughing so hard we had tears in our eyes. The play even had a dog named Winston, who of course went missing and you had to imagine him on his ‘leash.’ 

We also shared a cheese plate and wine at a cute place in Picadilly. 
Clementine’s bedroom    

 Churchill’s recipe for a ‘light’ chocolate cake  


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