London: Harry Potter Studio Tour + St Paul’s Cathedral 

November 23:  HARRY POTTER

We booked tickets to Warner Brothers and then plotted our route for the one hour journey. We thought about having the hotel’s breakfast of ‘You shall have toast,’ but I went with my oatmeal and peanut butter again. They do not let you take anything up to your room, but I managed to steal a spoon. 

Our journey began well. We got to the right tube station, traveled on that route for five stops and then got off at Watford, which is one stop away from Warner Brothers. This is where it became tricky. We couldn’t find the train we needed so we hopped on the wrong one. Our mistake took us 19 stops in the wrong direction (it never stopped), so we had to wait and then get on another train to go back in the direction that we came in. We’re both stubborn and were determined to get there, but we felt a bit defeated. 

Whatever happened to the Hogwarts Express? We needed a sign that says, ‘Hey Americans, this train will take you to HP.’

Here’s the verdict: we are glad we went, but the website could be more helpful to tourists as to how to get there. It is located 45 minutes away from Kensington and then you will need to either take a shuttle, taxi, or uber to get to the studios. Everything is from the real HP movie sets and as a HP fan, it was cool to see the art design, visuals, props, and other memorabilia from the movies. They have a green screen where you can play Quidditch, but we passed due to long lines. The tour guide gave me the honor of opening the giant doors to the dining hall since my birthday is tomorrow. There are about 140 people in each group. The butter beer was expensive and my friend bought it because she wanted the fun stein mug. It tasted like frothy butterscotch, but I would’ve rather had a beer. We got an uber to pick us up and take us back to Watford Station since there was a shuttle but no way to purchase tickets once you are at the studios.

Once we got back to the central part of London, we decided to go to St Paul’s Cathedral and got off at Bank to walk around. It is similar to NY’s financial district. St Paul’s was stunning. You are not allowed to take pictures, so google image and prepare to be amazed. 

We called it an early night and got a picnic dinner at the Co-op market to take back to our room. Olives, hardboiled eggs, hummus, apples, and some chocolate.

St Paul’s    


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