On this Christmas Eve, I think about the reason for the season (Jesus) and that it is not a one-day or two-day a year event. Faith is not something that I only think about on Sundays or on the holidays.

You can’t see it, but I can most definitely feel its presence. I don’t rely on it only when life gets tough – it is a part of your identity and is a relationship you cultivate and grow everyday. It is the belief in a higher power that comforts me during life’s hardships and discourages me from second guessing everything thrown my way.

You also don’t have to attend church to have faith. I often get more out of sitting in my bed quietly reflecting on my week or sharing my worries, fears, and successes with God. People practice their faith in different ways. I don’t wear my faith on my sleeve, but I do hope that people notice I am living life for Christ.

Being a Christian does not mean I have it figured out. My ducks are not in a row. I have one duck wobbling sideways across the street from another duck and some of my ducks didn’t even show up.

When I was little, my nanny would take me to the pond in our neighborhood to feed the ducks with leftover bread. When the ducks were not there, I’d tell her they were at Pizza Hut. Even today, some of my ducks are still ‘at Pizza Hut.’ It is the moment we stop trying to attain perfection and trust a higher power that we can trade in our guilt for grace. Best is the enemy of good.

This past year has been a huge year of growth for me. I knew myself well, but it was a year of adapting and accepting others’ actions and recognizing whom I want in my kitchen cabinet. A friend recently shared this analogy and it hit a nerve with me.

Who do you want in your kitchen cabinet? Who are the people you could call at 3 AM? Notice the people who were happy for you during your highs and supported you during your lows.

I’ll even go a step further and place people in varying levels. My support team might be in the pantry, but I also have friends and mentors in a bottom drawer. If you find that some people don’t make it to the cabinet, don’t let it upset you. Not everyone can return the same support and love that you show them: one of life’s lessons.

So, here’s to a new year because the more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.


“Sometimes it takes sadness to know happiness, noise to appreciate silence, and absence to value presence.”

Xx, Libby

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