Remembering Denver

I’ve been in a funk lately. A few friends had asked what I planned to write about next and to be honest, I haven’t wanted to write since Denver’s passing. Everything reminds me of Denver. I used to plan my day around Denver time and I constantly think of things I want to tell her.

A friend of my mom’s shared with me that she also lost a friend from college to cancer in the 1970’s and while the hurt never goes away, you learn to cope and hold onto the memories that you had with them. I pride myself on being a problem solver; I don’t sit around and wait for things to improve. So, I made a list of all of the constructive things I can do to cope in my own way.

Re-reading our favorite books, planning a Denver inspired book club meeting and meal, sharing Denver memories with others, and sending #TeamDenver magnets to a few of our out of state friends that were not able to attend the memorial. I also found a Polaroid from my birthday in November and plan to ‘take’ Denver with me as I complete my 30 before 30 bucket list.

After this past week, I have never been so thankful for my family and friends. Denver brought together an amazing group of people and the time I spent with her family and friends from California was therapeutic.

There was a reason Denver was your friend. She sought out the best in people, but she also chose her closest friends wisely. She valued genuine, passionate, loving people, which describes the group of her biggest fans that packed the Speak Easy on Thursday to celebrate her life.

The Speak Easy was magical that night. “It’s not a party without a photo booth.” – DHutt

Xx, Libby


2 responses to “Remembering Denver”

  1. Libby, It was my first experience that LIFE just gets different! My heart aches for you…Barb was the stronger of the two of us…but I made her proud. You will make Denver proud! After all she chose you as a friend! xo K

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  2. So sorry for your loss Libby, it sounds like you are doing some wonderful things in her memory~we honor those who go before us by living life to the fullest.

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