Kim’s Galentine’s Brunch for the Ladies

Forget Valentine’s Day – it is all about being with your BFFs, enjoying a beverage or three, and eating brunch foods, just like Leslie Knope envisioned.

My calligrapher friend, Kim, created a mimosa bar complete with orange juice, green tea, and pink lemonade to add to champagne or sparkling water. She even included berries to add to our drinks. We were served hot biscuits straight from the oven with strawberry jam, pumpkin butter, and honey.

My favorite was the quiche that had a hashbrown crust: mind blown. Add eggs and goat cheese to the mix and it was one of the best brunch items I have had in a long time.

There were little bowls of truffles on the table and bowls of popcorn to snack on as we discussed important topics like our celebrity crushes. There were nine of us, so as you can imagine, it was an afternoon full of laughter. It was also a good mix of married ladies and single ladies, as well as moms and dog moms.

Xx, Libby


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