This week I took my dad to the Indianapolis Museum of Art for a game of putt putt. The exhibit will be up until October and it was well worth the cost of a yearly membership. We had so much fun and I was impressed (and surprised) by my dad’s putt putt skills. He played golf in high school, but I don’t remember him ever playing since then. Each hole had an Indiana theme and many of the holes were sponsored by Indianapolis companies and organizations, including Sun King Brewing and Downtown Indy.

The tee times are sporadic, so be sure to check the schedule before you go. I chose a Thursday night because the last tee time is at 8 p.m., compared to 4 p.m. on the other days. Once you arrive, you check in at an adorable little wooden shack to sign up for a tee time. The IMA does a great job of staggering the tee times so that the wait for each hole is not too long. We made friends with the couple in front of us and it was fun to watch other people’s putt putt skills put to the test. I am not going pro anytime soon, but I did get a hole in one at the guitar themed hole and I did a celebratory happy dance.

They also serve King David’s hotdogs, Sun King beer, and other refreshments, so you never really have to leave. My favorite part of the exhibit was the giant whale that the museum restored for the last hole on the course. Willie the Whale was a landmark from the Indianapolis Zoo’s former location on East 30th Street and the IMA recommended that you avoid climbing him since “Willie has seen better days.”







Hanging with Willie


Don’t be fooled – the rainbow cat was tricky.


Look at that form!



Hole in one!




The chimes were a close second favorite to Willie. When played correctly, the chimes will play ‘Back Home Again in Indiana.’ Lucky for us, we had a music major on the course and she was a pro.


The Kurt Vonnegut/Speedway inspired hole.



We had about fifteen minutes to kill before our tee time, so we went back inside the museum to quickly browse the 19 Stars of Indiana exhibit, which included Bill Blass, Halston, and TC Steele. I could stare at a piece of TC Steele artwork all day. He owned a farm in Brown County, Indiana, which served as the inspiration for many of his paintings.

On our way out we met the nicest museum volunteer. He was retired and recently started volunteering at the IMA. He and my dad hit it off and I could see my dad enjoying a similar post-retirement role.


I approve of the bow, Bill Blass.


Five things that have tickled my fancy lately:

  • threadUP sends you a kit to mail your unwanted clothes, shoes, and accessories to them for a little thrifting income. It makes cleaning out your closet a little less burdensome and the shipping is free. Besides, who doesn’t like a giant polka dotted shipping bag? You can choose to be compensated for your items (you’ve been warned: don’t expect a lot of cash coming your way) or you can have them donate it to the needy. Hooray for overhauling your closet.
  • Free Prints and Parabo have become my go to photo printing companies. As the name suggests, Free Prints is an app that allows you to print as many as 1,000 photos a year. You’re only responsible for shipping costs and if you’re not in a hurry to get your prints, it’s about $5 total cost. I am constantly uploading photos, printing them and sending them in the mail to friends. There’s no better surprise than a letter that includes photos. Parabo is also an app and specializes in Instagram sized prints. They have amazing deals – I have created several photo books with their discount codes and have only had to pay $10-15 total.
  • Creative Mornings  is the best way to start your day. My work family encourages us to attend these fun, inspiring mornings and I love the energy and discussion that comes with the selected topic for the month. Denver was a featured speaker for a CM event and you can watch it here. Blog post coming soon with more details!
  • I wrote a fun blog post for Pivot about the path I’ve taken to get to where I am today. It had just the right amount of vulnerability, plus a whole lot of reflection. Proud to be a Pivoteer!


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