Happy Things + Watermelon, Mint, Feta Salad

Things that made me happy this week, in no particular order of happiness.

  • The hummus at Chilly Water. They have a few different kinds of hummus on the menu and they’re all good. Each one is named after a Beatles song and comes with a ton of veggies.
  • The Vineyard Vines whale. The new store at the Keystone Fashion Mall is now open and it instantly brought me back to my DC days of walking to the store in Georgetown and looking at all of items I couldn’t afford. I bought a girls oxford for $50 and got a hug from this guy.
  • The downtown farmer’s market at City Market. This is not a new find, but it makes me happy if I can get away from my desk to make the jaunt over on Wednesday afternoons.
  • A really creative ad to encourage people to be organ donors. I always sign up to be an organ donor when I go to the BMV and it is nice to see a campaign to increase awareness. You can watch the ad here.
  • Overheard in LA: If you’re on Instagram and not familiar with this account, follow it now. I found the post below and I am a little worried that someone in LA has been talking about me. You’re welcome.


Combine watermelon, mint, and feta. It sounds like a weird combination, but trust me. You can also add red onion or a bit of balsamic glaze.

Xx, Libby


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