Yesterday was Dig IN’s seventh annual Taste of Indiana and it is one of my favorite days of the year. It’s been described as Thanksgiving-style-marathon-eating, but on the hottest day in August. I am just thankful to the weather powers that be for not making it rain until after 4:00 when the event was officially over. I could not be happier or prouder of the way Taste turned out and it was an especially meaningful day because it was my first year as a board member.

I have faithfully attended the last six years as a Dig IN groupie and it was amazing to see all of our hard work come together to create a memorable event for almost 4,000 Hoosiers. Little kids eating skewered duck with a tart cherry glaze, folk bands jamming under the music tent, and all of my closest friends enjoying a pleathora of locally sourced beverages.

My phone was constantly buzzing with notifications for our social media accounts – thousands of people sharing their Dig IN experience with the masses. The pride that this event creates for the people in our state is one of the most rewarding aspects. You have to take a moment to appreciate the hard work of the chefs, farmers, producers, staff, and board members that make it happen every year. It takes a small village of passionate food enthusiasts to orchestrate a day of eating and merriment.

Not only did the location change this year, but we also switched to sample sized mason jars for beer sampling and while we expected outrage, the overall response was positive. Besides, the full pour pint glass got a lot of us in trouble in previous years. Full pours were still available and Sun King hooked me up with a (large) beer near the end of my duties, which was appreciated. Nicey Treat’s truck broke down and I was the bearer of bad news to the ten and under crowd. It was as if I told them Santa Claus was not real.

As I have become more and more involved in Dig IN over the years, it has been fun to meet new people and create friendships through the vast Indiana food and agricultural community. I have found my passion and can actively give back to a cause that I care deeply about – how rare is that? While being a board member is not always glamorous, you’ll know it is the right fit when it doesn’t feel like you’re working. You WANT to be there.

Thanks to everyone that supports Dig IN and attends Taste year after year. It is the people that make it a success. I also hit the jackpot with my friends – they ate bison tongue, threw back nitrogen popcorn in one bite, and ranked the tents with their witty commentary: “That was a snooze fest, but alas we have a winner” and “The duck was too difficult to enjoy.” We are all suddenly food critics. Watch out Liz Biro! You have some heavy competition.

Many of the photos below are courtesy of my fellow Dig IN love, LP! She interned with me at the State Department of Agriculture six years ago when Dig IN was created.

The first photo below is via Kim, who used her unbelievable calligraphy skills to document her experience. Check out her Instagram feed here for more!






Fellow board member, Ali, before the craziness began! it was also National Bowtie Day, so I of course wore one in my hair.

Screen Shot 2016-08-29 at 11.02.35 AM.png


Vida was a crowd favorite!


Duck meatball


Nitrogen popcorn from Revery – Greenwood









This guy – My dad always supports Dig IN and he was a trooper as he served beers to anyone and everyone.



Have a great week everyone!

Xx, Libby and Winston


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