This weekend was jam packed with a few of my favorite people, activities, and food. Saturday was the 50th anniversary of the Penrod Arts Fair held on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art. It is nicknamed “Indiana’s Nicest Day” and while it is notorious for also being the rainiest day, I am glad we went. I tricked my dad into being my date to Penrod – this is becoming a theme as an almost 30 year old single lady living in the city. When in doubt, take your dad. He is the best date, even when he gets a little sassy after surviving the ordeal of getting there. Parking was a CLUSTER. We both commented that Uber would’ve been the way to go, regardless of expense.

After searching for parking for twenty minutes, we found a spot in a lot near Crown Hill Cemetery. I have never been so thankful for four wheel drive because it was a mud bath when we returned to retrieve my car. A reminder that I will always own a SUV. We hiked in the mud to a school bus shuttle that dropped us off right in front of the IMA. I have to hand it to the IMA, it was a well planned event and they did the best they could with limited parking options.

There were so many vendors of artists that there was no way to see it all in one day. The rain held off for the two hours we were there and once it started pouring, we had seen what we came for. I was determined to find cash at the bottom of my bookbag for the Butler Dance Marathon kids collecting money for Riley. I chatted up the college guy and asked about the legendary linedance the kids come up with every year. He then asked where I went to school. When I told him that I turn 30 in a couple of months, he responded that I look like I am 15. Thanks, I think?

The highlight was meeting Justin Vining, whose artwork I have shared on social media for Dig IN since he is known for painting his subject at the location. He sets up his canvas in front of the Monon or the Circle and he does his thing. He is incredibly talented and I wanted to buy it all.

I also met a sweet lady at the Dance Kaleidoscope booth and she encouraged me to sign up for adult ballet classes on Wednesday nights at Butler. I plan to go in the next few weeks and I can’t wait to try something new. My ballet career was short-lived in my younger days – my mom says I did it for the outfit. So, I pulled the trigger and purchased these bad boys from Amazon and I pray that they fit. The sizing is wonky.




My dad was so excited…..




The IMA is giving out free books from their book installation that was in the lobby over the summer. Each book has a tiny hole in it (from the installation) and a commemorative sticker.




A little kid doodled IU!





Where have you been all of my life, Fat Dan? Seriously, the best brisket I have ever had and the Mass Ave location is just a little too convenient. I need to use all of my willpower to not eat there everyday. Dan was in my Senate intern class at the Statehouse seven years ago and all I remember is that we all thought that he was someone’s dad and now he is the famous hot dog/brisket/fries man.

The menu is also sassy – it says “no ketchup, suckas” under the hot dog description. However, they did provide ketchup for my fries, so I suppose it just depends on what you use the ketchup for.

The menu is reasonably priced and the service was great. I’ll see y’all at Fat Dan’s because it is my new favorite. Decent draft beer list too, if you’re into that sort of thing!



This is not new to me – I have been dozens of times, but last night’s Eagle experience has cemented it into my top five for Indy. Our server, Kyle, was so personable and kind. It is good service and the people at restaurants that make it feel like home and want me to go back again and again. Kyle also has a sister named Libby, so we are kindred spirits. The fried chicken is the best in Indy and Kyle let us in on a secret – order the 1/2 fried chicken for $10 instead of two 1/4ths for $7 each. You save $4 and get the same amount of chicken. You can also still mix white and dark meat. We split a large country salad (it’s all about balance) and we each ate for about $9.

Also, the maitre de was drinking iced tea out of a Prego spaghetti sauce jar and it is that kind of crafty, whimsy that I love. I told her that I do the same with mason jars.

Side note: I saw two people I had dated at both of these establishments and the reactions were polar opposites. On Friday, it was a guy I went on several dates with and he did not even acknowledge me. In fact, his large group of friends sat at a table next to us, ordered drinks, and then got up and left. Strangest interaction ever. It hadn’t ended badly, we just couldn’t make our schedules work and it wasn’t a priority for either of us. A clear sign for me that I didn’t want to continue dating him.

On Saturday, it was a guy I had only gone on one date with and I decided he was not someone I wanted to pursue. He was with his college friends and he stopped by our table, hugged me, and he said hello to my dad. A very kind, mature interaction. He is now dating someone I know and I am very happy for them.

I am sharing this because the maturity level between the two is vast and it’s good to keep this in mind the next time you let your emotions show. Take the high road. I am not right for everyone and not everyone is right for me. Someday we will all be lucky enough to be just the right amount of something for that someone. I haven’t found my match, but in the meantime I have amazing parents, friends and Winston that provide more than enough love!

Disclaimer: these two incidents make Indy appear like the smallest, big city ever and while it is, I still love it. It is my home and all you can do is be your best self and treat everyone you meet with kindness.




The next time you are in Broad Ripple, check out Hayes and Taylor, aka The Shop. I love their retro designs and all of the items are printed in the shop.


I woke up like this. No really, this is called ‘I am going to Pilates, so I am not even combing my hair. Also, the reason why baseball hats are the best accessory. Add a smile and you’re golden.




It is surreal to think that 9/11 happened fifteen years ago today. The world changed forever.




Screen Shot 2016-09-11 at 9.43.06 PM.png

Have a great week, y’all!

Xx, Libby and Winston

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