Last night I was honored to attend Eat Here Indy’s first ever #InfluencerNightIndy dinner at Public Greens. The dinner was designed to connect Indy’s growing food community through a fun dinner of networking and socializing. My friend Ryu, who is Instagram famous, was kind enough to invite me to be his date for the evening and I was in culinary heaven. I worked with many of the influencers for Dig IN, so it was fun to connect with them again over dinner.

Everything about the night was perfect – the setting, the company and of course, the food. Verizon was the sponsor for the evening, so we had an assortment of tech toys to play with during dinner. One of them was a futuristic headset thing that was attached to an iPhone. When you placed it up to your eyes, you experienced a 3D video. Mine was NASA themed and it felt like you were in the space shuttle with the astronauts. As I moved my head up and down, the scenery changed with my movements.

I have included photos from the night – all of which I took unless it has photo cred. I also highly recommend following all of the local foodies on Instagram I have listed below. They have an eye for creating unbelievable visuals that capture the amazing food scene we have here in Indy. I continue to unearth new gems around this city every day.

Also, if you’re not familiar with Ryu, are you really living? Seriously one of my favorite people and he makes the world a better place. Possibly the most stylish man in Indy and he just ‘gets’ me. We have bonded over old school J.Crew and our love of eating.

He was the perfect date and this was not his first rodeo: we split the mains so that we got to experience both the beef and the trout. Both were amazing! The tomato brulee was a delicious starter and it had never occurred to me to caramelize a tomato. Add tapenade, a sprig of basil, and some really good olive oil and it is a party in your mouth.

I will be testing this out with my crème brulee torch soon. And yes, you need a crème brulee torch. It may seem frivolous, but it will take your dinner parties to the next level as long as you don’t set the place on fire. Safety first.

I am not usually a dessert person, shocker since baking is my life, but this dessert was an exception. The brandied peach, perfect scoop of vanilla ice cream and almond granola was the best end to a fabulous meal.

We all commented that it was a rare dinner out where it was accepted and encouraged to take photos of your meal. There were no stares of shame – we are all foodies and had our phones out; sharing the experience with the masses. I love events like this because I always meet fun people and I hope to inspire others to make really delicious, innovative meals.

Public Greens is all about high quality, fresh ingredients. The meal was locally sourced within 200 miles and the flavors are so good on their own that it doesn’t need much manipulation.

Not only do I love their food, but all proceeds from Public Greens goes right back into the Patachou Foundation, which serves food to school kids and teaches them about healthy living. I can’t think of a better cause and these kids are learning skills that will last a lifetime. They will forever have the memory of sharing a great meal, as well as a sense of accomplishment of making it themselves.


House Cocktail

Sparkling Peach Sidecar – House Beach Brandy, House Limoncello, Orange Syrup, Bubbles


Red or White Wine 

Passed Hors D’oeuvres

Tomato Fritters with Green Buttermilk x Sweet Corn Tamale with Ground Cherry Salsa


Tomato Brulee – Tapenade, Basil, Good Olive Oil


Choose: Beef Tri Tip | Grilled Lake Trout | Fried Chicken


Creamed Sweet Corn | Caraway Spiced Beet and Tomato Salad | Assorted Breads


Brandied Peaches – Lavender Gelato, Almond-Thyme Crumble



Photo below of the fried green tomato fritters and corn tamale with corn salsa via Ryu (insta: ryuteramoto)





Ryu saying something really funny to me.






The influencers! Photo via Bradley Houser of Eat Here Indy (insta: eathereindy)


Other foodies to follow on Instagram:

  • Ali Eats: @ali_eats
  • @rdklove
  • @wheresmikeg
  • @bradleyhouser
  • @jeskeepswimming
  • @melindamettler
  • @gourmet_gab
  • @jojocroy
  • @publicgreens and @cafepatachou

I think we can all agree on this sentiment:


Xx, Libby and Winston

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