Today I walked in the American Lung Association’s Lung Force walk in Carmel. One of my friends, Ashleigh, is an ALA of Indiana board member and she introduced me to the organization and invited me to the event. Lung cancer is the number one cause of death due to cancer and I lost two very special people to cancer this year: Denver and my cousin Chris. Neither were smokers and both led healthy lifestyles. Cancer does not discriminate – it can happen to anyone. More than 33 million Americans suffer from asthma and other lung diseases.

I woke up to rain at 7 am this morning, but the skies were clear by 10 am and it was the perfect morning to walk and support Ashleigh. A family friend from Fort Wayne was also at the walk, so I got to see her husband and kids, which was a great surprise. The event was really well organized and was held at the Villages of West Clay. Imagine a lot of picturesque homes with a few roundabouts interspersed and that’s West Clay.

There were snow cones, donuts from Market District, and activities before the walk. My dad was the happiest man alive once he found the donuts. Two jelly donuts (and a banana) later and he was ready to walk.

As of today, ALA raised more than $79,000! These donations will support research, education, and awareness of lung cancer. I am so appreciative of the friends and family that donated and it is these opportunities that provide a purpose-filled activity to give back. Everyone grieves differently and I’d like to think that Denver would want me to continue the fight; for her and for everyone else that has battled cancer.

If you’d like to support ALA Indiana in the future, their annual Evening of Promise gala is Saturday, November 5 and I plan to be there. Most likely without a date, so prepare yourself for an invite. Consider this your (less than) two months notice. I am guaranteed to have more than one beverage and bust a move, so go ahead and purchase your ticket.

Denver missed the MIBOR gala when she passed away in January and it’s a reminder for me to attend the fancy, sometimes ridiculously expensive events that I tell myself I can’t afford. Actually, I can afford it and if I am passionate about the cause, it is more than worth it to spend the equivalent of a few grocery trips on one chicken dinner.

Every girl loves to get dressed up, myself included. There were certain things about me that always made Denver think of me – including my style. She always told me to be myself. A large bow, ripped jeans, sequin sneakers….if it makes you happy, then do it.




A man and his donut.


Thanks to Danny Boy Brewery for hosting the after walk party.




A few things that made me happy this week: the best card from a fellow Poli Sci nerd, gingham pants and sassy shoes, the cutest pumpkins from the farmer’s market on Allisonville Road, and a picnic lunch with Winston.


Freshman year at IU – Alpha Gams. AGD introduced me to Denver and I knew instantly that we would be forever friends.


A Denver approved sentiment. Take me on an adventure and I will love you forever. Bring snacks and I will love you even more.


Xx, Libby and Winston


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