GOODBYE 2016, HELLO 2017!

One of my friends shared  Town and Country’s 28 Resolutions for the New Year and it inspired me to write a few of my own resolutions/thoughts/reflections. Also, I realize I am the epitome of a WASP for referencing Town and Country, but I think my resolutions are a little more ‘real.’

So here it goes:

  1. Wear the nice stuff. Stop waiting for the perfect day to wear the special items in your closet. The sequin skirt, the glittery sneakers, polka dots AND stripes. That day has arrived and it is today. Life is too short.
  2. Don’t stress too much when hosting dinner parties. I think it was Ina Garten that said no one remembers the meal anyways – it’s all about the dessert. I can’t always recall what I served for the main course, but I can tell you what dessert I served and who was there to enjoy it.
  3. Occasionally treat yourself to the good stuff at the grocery – the out of season blueberries or the pricey condiments (like grainy mustard). It’s the little things that improve your day and you can save in other places – ditch the daily Starbucks and brew at home.
  4. Write more letters and mail the funny cards that you bought on a whim. Someone is guaranteed to appreciate it.
  5. Actively pay attention to the people around you – hold the door open, say please and thank you. It will mean more than you will ever know.
  6. Work out. If you’re lucky enough to have moving arms and legs, get out there and move them. I cannot wait until I am back in Pilates with a functioning left arm and (less broken) ribs.
  7. Eat and drink less sugar. As a compulsive baker, I am a hypocrite here, but it is all about moderation. I gave up soda years ago and am now a La Croix addict.
  8. You don’t have to check your email first thing on the weekends. I am the worst at this, but slowly learning to let go.
  9. Read less news. I realize that most people should be reading MORE news, especially when you see news segments asking random people on the street who the Vice President is and they have absolutely no idea. However, I can still stay informed without reading the dozens of news alerts in my inbox each day. There was a WaPo article today about an ecologist saying that the phrase ‘drain the swamp’ is unfair to real swamps….
  10. Do a major closet overhaul. I donated six or seven bags of clothes over the holidays and it’s a great feeling to enter a new year with less clutter. If you haven’t worn it in the last year, you’re not going to wear it.
  11. Put more of your paycheck into savings. You’ll thank yourself one day.
  12. Find a workout companion that will hold you accountable and go together. Also, don’t bring cookies to the gym. Apparently this is frowned upon.
  13. Write more. In a journal, a spare notebook, cookbooks. As I get older, I want to remember the little things and the stories from my parents. Writing them down is the best way to ensure it is remembered.
  14. Be open to adventures. This could be as riveting as traveling the world or as mundane as trying a new grocery store. Get outside your comfort zone.
  15. Learn that it is ok to quit something. If you’d rather be hit by a bus or an ambulance in my case (wait, too soon?) than go to a meeting, you probably shouldn’t be volunteering your time to that organization. You’re not a failure. You tried it out and it was not for you.
  16. Be 100% you in a relationship. There’s nothing better than being comfortable with who you are and sharing it with someone. If you’re lucky, they may even like you.
  17. Vote in every election: local, state, and national. They all matter. If you didn’t believe it before, this last presidential election should have taught you that you have no right to complain unless you get out there and exercise your civic right.
  18. You’ll meet someone when you least expect it. This is cliché, but true. I had some interesting dates before I finally had a ‘text your friends, this man is amazing’ hallelujah sweet Jesus moment. This applies to friends too – I have met a few people in the last year that I consider as close of friends as the ones I’ve known most of my life. Always be willing to add a few more to your circle. We all have something to add.
  19. A little bourbon or whiskey never hurts.
  20. Always say I love you. If you love someone, say it. I lost Denver 16 days into 2016 and I am at peace knowing that she knew how much I loved her.

Here’s to an incredible 2017, friends!

XO, Libby and Winston

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