This week I was lucky enough to attend the third Influencer Night Indy dinner at Livery, which is Cunningham Group’s newest restaurant. This was my third visit and I loved it instantly. Cunningham is the mastermind behind other Libby favorites – Bru Burger, Mesh, and Union 50 (where Nick and I had our first date). If a man feeds you poutine, he’s a keeper.

The price point of Livery is right – you can have a really nice meal without feeling like you have to eat canned tuna for the rest of the week. The drink selection is on point and as you will soon read below – the cocktails are impressive and they’re liberal with the alcohol part.

To be honest, I could go everyday just for the Brussel sprouts. Only $5, burnt to perfection, and topped with cheese. Add the empanadas and you’ll leave doing a little happy dance down College. The menu is described as ‘Latin flair and flavors’ and I am in love with the building and décor. It’s housed in a restored two-story 1890’s building that once stabled horses. I cannot wait for warmer weather and dinners on the rooftop deck, under the stars with my man.

So, here it goes – prepare yourself for a recap of five courses AND five cocktails. I didn’t drink all of them, so I was only halfway on the lit scale, but I could feel it. A huge thanks to Eat Here Indy for hosting – if you’re not following them on Instagram, you’re missing out! Bradley captures the best food that Indy has to offer and he is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I connected with him through Dig IN and have been a fan of his ever since.

The opening course featured the yucca fries and their signature margarita. They had their version of fun-yuns on the table when we arrived. It’s a crispy circle of nothing, but is surprisingly good. I am not a huge fan of margaritas – I find them to usually be too sweet, but I downed my fair share.

The first course was the ceviche – shrimp, tomatoes, and popcorn. Yes, popcorn. Fun flavor combination and I would order it again. The polenta was one of the best I have ever had – creamy, rich, roasted tomatoes, and pepitas for an unexpected crunch. And finally the star of the show: the brussel sprouts. Seriously, I hoarded the plate. This course featured the sangria – very sweet, but it would be refreshing on a hot summer day.

The second course featured the empanadas: chorizo, mushroom, and queso. The chorizo are the clear winner in my opinion, but a woman in my Pilates class raves about the mushroom version….and she doesn’t like mushrooms. Livery will convert your palate. The empanadas were served with the Carriage House margarita, which I couldn’t tell any difference from the first margarita, other than the orange slice garnish. Still salty and sweet.

Third course featured the entrees! At this point I was already full, but I powered on because I am not a quitter. Pork pastor took the prize this course and will be my new go-to order. Nick agreed and I hoarded that plate too. The great thing about an influencer dinner is that your dining companions are all as passionate about food as you are – they also have no shame in taking photos throughout the entire dinner. Lighting, the right angle, you’d be surprised by how much thought goes into a foodie post. I am mostly the point and shoot variety and then I filter it like crazy. The chile relleno and taco salad were also included, but I only had eyes for the pork.

The drink pairing for the entrees was the Soledad Fire and it was incredible. Spice factor was just right and there was a jalapeño garnish.

The fourth and final course was the desserts. At this point I could barely move, but everyone seemed to love the sweet offerings. The dessert drink was called Poco a Poco and arrived with a large ice cube and an orange rind. I really liked this one and had I not sampled four cocktails before it, I would have finished it!

So, go to Livery! True to Cunningham’s other restaurants, the service was superb. I always leave their restaurants happy and full.

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 9.16.01 AM.png

Signature margarita and fun-yuns


shrimp ceviche
fire roasted polenta
brussel sprouts
Chile Relleno


Carriage House margarita
I googled the drink menu to figure out what we were drinking. Handy.


the calm before the influencer storm
pork pastor
taco salad
Soledad Fire


the dessert trio
Poco a poco



XO, Libby


  1. Looks like a perfect night to me! Thanks for sharing, Libby~I love your blog, your foodiness and your zest for life! I’m putting Livery on my list for my next visit to Indy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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