This past week / weekend was jam packed, but fun. I am leaving for an out of state wedding later this week, so I thought I’d provide a quick re-cap before I am MIA. I have had ‘work-life-balance’ on my mind lately because I am constantly on the go. A night with nothing to do but laundry, eat ice cream, and take a bubble bath is a rare treat. That said, I enjoy being involved and I have finally found the opportunities that mean the most to me.

The causes closest to my heart are related to food, riding my bike, and Indianapolis. BOOM. Those are my big three and if it’s outside of that scope, I no longer feel obligated to volunteer. You may have deduced that I am a Junior League drop-out. True story. You should never beat yourself up for trying something. How would you know if you never tried? I now dedicate my spare time to three boards that I love.

This leads me to the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. I consider myself a cycling groupie that periodically provides my two cents related to the trail. The trail is an 8-mile path in downtown Indy that connects several neighborhoods (Fletcher Place, Fountain Square, Lockerbie, and more) and even to the Monon Trail.

The Indianapolis Cultural Trail, Inc is a non-profit that does an amazing job to maintain, manage, and constantly improve the downtown trail experience for residents and visitors to Indy.

The more I learn about the trail, the more I am blown away that we have this amenity. The project cost $63 million and almost half ($27.5 million) of that came from private funding. The other $33.5 million was the result of a federal transportation grant. Few people understand the funding sources and I think it’s important to know how projects come to life.

The trail officially opened in 2013 and continues to get better and better – there are now public art projects, the Pacers bike share, and beautifully maintained flowers and greenery. I live and work along the Trail, so you can say I am a fan. They also provide free tours, so you have no excuse not to explore.





Onto my next passion: No Mean City! I volunteered to help at Indy Hub’s annual IndyVolved event at the Central Library and then did double duty at the No Mean City table, which was a project I had the opportunity to work on through my job. It’s one of my favorite campaigns that I’ve ever worked on and I had the best time sharing the history of the project with attendees.

The most surprising fact for most people that visited our table is that ‘mean’ represents average. In 1897, President Benjamin Harrison called Indy “no mean city.” Our Old City Hall building downtown has a cornerstone inscribed with “I am, myself, a citizen of no mean city.” Indy is better than average – it’s truly one of a kind.

“Indy is a place where the good life is possible. Where a comfortable home and time for family are equally attainable. Where people respect history, yet fight for progress.”

The website is the main resource (first person stories and interactive quizzes / guides), but there is a first edition book available at Silver in the City on Mass Ave. There will be a second edition printed in the Fall.


And finally, SVRA. The Sportscar Vintage Racing Association (SVRA) had their Brickyard Vintage Racing Invitational this past weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It was two days of watching races, drooling over cars, and drinking oil can beers (it’s a large can). We also watched Le Mans this weekend, which is a 24-hour race featuring Formula One and Indy Car drivers, plus car manufacturers not usually included in either: Porsche and Toyota participated.




XO, Libby





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