When one of my best friend’s boyfriend messaged me subtly hinting that the gang needed to get together for a burger night, I immediately said yes and suggested Burger Fuel. I knew that none of us had experienced it yet, so his suggestion came at the perfect time. Burger Fuel is a New Zealand burger chain with 88 locations in six countries. More than half of those locations are in New Zealand and Indy is lucky enough to be the first U.S. location.

After noticing the spark plug chandelier and other racing inspired decor, we decided that the Speedway and Indy’s racing history is what sealed the deal when the company went through the process of selecting their first U.S. location. A few of the employees are straight outta New Zealand and I could have listened to the cashier talk all day as she said  ‘spuds’ and ‘burger.’

Broad Ripple is an ideal location; Nick and I commented that the late night bar crowd will be all over it. They’re open until 10 PM on weeknights and until midnight on Friday and Saturday. There wasn’t much outdoor seating to choose from, but there are large windows facing a parking lot (clutch) on the side of the building that let in some natural light. You place your order at the counter and then they bring your food to you. The menu is simple – only a few burgers to choose from, but there were no complaints in our group of eight.

Nick and I ordered the ‘Bastard,’ which had the most going on ingredient-wise. Beets, papaya, cheese, bacon, avocado, and a homemade bun. The beef is smooshed and one of the best patties I’ve had, especially in a diner setting. I got the aioli on the side (hello, When Harry Met Sally), but the aioli also comes with your fries if you want to try it first.

One of my friends ordered the vegan burger, which looked good for a pumpkin / beet patty. The most popular order at our table seemed to be the Bastard and the double decker. The real kicker (and what has won over my heart) is the Doofer. Prepare to be amazed: the Doofer is a cardboard burger-holder. Similar to a sleeve for your coffee cup, but instead it holds in all that burger goodness. I rolled my eyes at first glance only to realize that the Doofer is genius. They even have an adorable Doofer Dispenser. You can’t make this stuff up and yes, I took a picture of it (see below).

My only suggestion would be to expand the beer options. It was slim pickings, but the selections were mostly local craft beer. I had a few chugs of Nick’s BierTracks during dinner and I was one happy lady. They also had a beer called Yeastie Boys, get it? Beastie Boys.

Be warned: it’s a big meal, especially when you add sweet potato fries and a beverage. However, I didn’t feel overly full and I liked that you could tell what the ingredients are. The bun was fresh and somehow not soggy from the abundance of toppings. The beets and papaya made you kinda feel like it was healthy. And avocado and bacon might just be my two favorite foods, so this burger was destined to be a winner.

Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 3.20.11 PM





Screen Shot 2017-06-29 at 3.20.26 PM

spark plug chandelier!
I like any place that has a water bowl for dogs

XO, Libby


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