I haven’t written in awhile because we recently embarked on a pretty big life change. We bought a house! We searched for a few months after falling in love with a house over our budget and with no real idea of what we were doing. This house was the impetus for us to go through the mortgage process and it also led us to our realtor, Lee Bailey of Nottingham. I can honestly say I wouldn’t have wanted to go through this long and (sometimes) frustrating process with any other realtor. He’s hilarious, he likes champagne, and he looked out for our best interests each step of the way.

While we didn’t end up with that first house, we ended up with the right house for us. I strongly believe in trusting your gut. We looked at our now house before we met Lee, but I didn’t have anything to compare it to or any concept of our price range. Fast forward a few months later and we kept going back to this house. In fact, we were so sure about this house that we told Lee we wanted to put in an offer before he even had a chance to see it. At that point, I knew it could be our home. Add a few (aka a lot of) coats of paint and it’s the perfect house for us.

I’ll do an official unveil after said paint happens, but I wanted to give a preview of a few of my favorite features of the house. I love the built-in bookcases in the parlor and the openness of the floor plan. The parlor will serve as a sitting room, so you won’t see a television in the first room you enter. The hardwood floors are original 1910 and they creak in all the places an old home should. While the kitchen cabinets need paint and knobs, it’s massive compared to my previous kitchen. I finally have the counter space that I’ve always needed for my culinary endeavors, along with a WALK-IN pantry. Hello, Amazon bulk purchases.

The downstairs bathroom has the cutest little tub, which was a requirement (I fully endorse an after work soak with a glass of wine in hand). The entire upstairs is the master bedroom and while the thought of eventually having kids sequestered on the main floor originally bothered me, it’s actually an ideal set-up.

The curvy, wooden staircase leads to a landing that can be closed off by a door, which provides ample reading space for me in the mornings. There’s an upstairs closet that even I cannot fill (that’s saying something!). A good staircase was another odd consideration I had when we were looking at houses– lots of life lessons will be learned on those stairs. There’s even a cat door on the door to the basement just in case you need that.

The house came with two American flags, so it really is the American dream. Here’s to a few more weeks of haphazardly moving everything we own. In the meantime, enjoy the photos and let me know if you have any suggestions!

The sweetest housewarming gift from friends
The day we got the keys!
The pups approved of the new hood
the parlor with the previous owner’s couches
New rug from Home Goods for the dining room
master bedroom closet
even the flowers by the garage are pretty
more backyard blooms

XO, Libby




  1. I am SO excited for you both. And I can’t wait to see blog updates as you put your touches on it. You know I need your snail mail so please FB message it to me. Congrats!


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