September 12, 2016

Saturday was the 50th anniversary of the Penrod Arts Fair held on the grounds of the Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA). It is nicknamed ‘Indiana’s Nicest Day,’ but should be renamed to ‘Indiana’s Rainest Day’ because it rains every year.

I tricked my Dad into being me Penrod date – this is becoming a theme as a single 30 year old woman living in the city. When in doubt, take your Dad. He was a little sassy after the ordeal of getting there. Parking was a cluster and we both commented that Uber would have been the way to go. Take a mental note for next year.

We finally found a parking spot and hiked in the mud to a school bus that shuttled attendees to and from the IMA. There are so many artists and vendors that it’s impossible to see them all. The rain held off for the first two hours and once it started to pour, we had seen what we came for.

When we went inside the IMA for cover from the rain, we found the free book bin. The museum had a book installation over the summer, so they were giving away all of the books. Each book had a small hole in it from hanging over the lobby for months.

I scored points with my Dad after a long day by taking him to Fat Dan’s. Their brisket is some of the best I’ve had and the Mass Ave location is just a little too convenient. Dan (of Fat Dan’s) was in my Senate intern class at the State House back in the day. He took his passion for the Cubs and good meats and turned it into a restaurant concept.

The menu says, “no ketchup, suckas” under the hot dog section. I did get ketchup for my fries though, so it must depend on what you put your ketchup on. The service was friendly, the prices are reasonable, and their draft beer list is decent.

Xx, Libby

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