2019 Holiday Gift Guide

Crazy to think that Thanksgiving is only a week away. I compiled a holiday gift guide two years ago and it was well received, so I thought I’d give it a go again this year. As my 33rd birthday approaches at the end of the week, my gift giving has become a little more practical. I’ll happily accept socks and underwear anytime.

If you’re familiar with the Five Love Languages, my language is giving gifts, not receiving them. It is actually one of my more negative traits in some ways because as soon as the gift arrives, I have to give it to the person. Almost all of Nick’s gifts have been given to him (against his wishes) BEFORE the holiday. I get too excited.

The following are random ideas that hopefully help you with your gift giving this holiday season.


All Birds. I don’t want to brag, but I was an early All Birds adapter and the only time I saw another pair in the flesh was on our trip to NY two years ago. Now, they’re everywhere. My Dad has almost every color, Nick has three pairs, and I get asked about them all the time. They’re like walking on air, they’re machine washable, and the company is feel good. I love my high-tops, but I’d start with the classic wool runners if you’re a newbie.

Patagonia pullover. This is my Dad’s everyday uniform (add the All Birds) and a pullover will last forever. I have one Patagonia pullover that I’ve sent to Patagonia to be sewn up several times, free of charge.

Bourbon, a nice decanter and glass set, or a monogrammed flask. These are no fail. I purchased Nick’s decanter from Tuckernuck and the flask from Etsy. Mark and Graham has several options too.

Bombas. If you’re not familiar with these socks, you’re missing out. It’s all my Dad wanted for his 70th birthday. My mom bought him hundreds of dollars worth of Bombas because when you know, you know. You get 20% off your first order and for every pair of socks purchased, Bombas donates a pair to someone in need. It’s like the Toms of the sock world.

Barbour coat. I’ve had my Barbour for years and will wear it forever. Nick is not a fan of the waxy green, but I wanted to treat him to a nice fall coat that would last. I saw this navy coat during the Nordstrom sale and sure enough, it was a winner.

Sentimental gifts. This is not something I can link for you to purchase, you just have to think about it! Nick loves racing, so I’ve scored big on vintage Indy 500 memorabilia from Etsy and Ebay. I got his Goodyear hat on Etsy after watching the movie Cannonball Run. Some of the best gifts come from someone’s basement.

I’ve also given Nick signed copies of books written by his favorite authors. Search vintage bookshops online and confirm the authenticity before purchasing. I gave my Dad an old copy of the children’s book he read to me over and over again as a kid. So, think about your loved ones’ hobbies and interests and go from there.


Monogrammed Toiletry Bag. For $12, this is the perfect gift for your girlfriends. I have this in navy and it was the first thing I purchased with my married monogram. It matches all of your canvas boat totes and will never go out of style. Tuckernuck also sells the matching bags if you want to make it a set.

Moonlight Pajamas. I never understood the blogger cult following for these pajamas until I finally got a pair. They’re amazingly soft and if it’s possible for long pajamas to be sexy, these are it.

Knix. Would it be a holiday list from me without an underwear recommendation? While Cosabellas and Hanky Pankys are my everyday, I like Knix for days you’re unsure of the outlook, if you catch my drift. I think they’re more comfortable than Thinx and they’re actually cute.


Le Creuset Oven with Baker Lid. My mom bought this for me for my bridal shower and I was so confused when I opened the orange box. The lid is ALSO A PAN! It’s dual purpose and takes up less space because you can stack the two. I use it all the time.

Sur la Table Cooking Classes. The best gift is your time, so why not give an experience? My mother-in-law took me to many Sur la Table cooking classes and I will always treasure the time together.

Dry Farm Wines. I love red wine, but I do not love the migraine the next day. Dry Farm Wines only sells low sugar, natural wines. I ordered a box of six bottles and every bottle was delicious. I’m happy to also report that I did not have brain fog the next day.


Grove Collaborative. I made the switch to safer cleaning products last year and haven’t looked back. Grove makes it effortless to make the transition. You get a free gift set with your first purchase, the products are less expensive than retail stores (Whole Foods), and you can skip shipments anytime. The branding is sleek and the reusable glass spray bottles for the kitchen and bathrooms is worth the price of a shipment.

Everlane. I have a few things from Everlane and I love the simplicity of the clothing. Their tagline is “Ethical Factories. Radical Transparency.” I’ve been happy with everything I’ve purchased and if you sign up for emails, they will let you know about their “Pay What You Can” day.

Girlfriend Collective. Did you ever think you could buy yoga pants made from recycled plastic? Well, Girlfriend figured it out. The yoga pants are high rise and comfortable. The models look like real people and the customer service is great. The items come in a blush pink zippered pouch that I use for socks and underwear when I travel.

Primally Pure. While I originally found this company during my natural deodorant crusade (I do not recommend doing this before your wedding), I actually love their body butter, natural chapsticks, and cleansing oils. You don’t have to worry about any of the bad stuff and as someone that has been trying to conceive this past year, it puts my mind at ease knowing it’s all the good stuff.

HydroFlask. I’ve made a conscious effort to not use water bottles, so I take my trusty HydroFlask with me everywhere. It’s apparently very on trend right now with VSCO Girls. If you don’t know what this is, you’re old like me.

Instacart. For $100 a year, a shopper will not only shop your grocery order, but they will deliver it too. It’s been a huge time saver for me and I actually spend less because if you get me in a grocery store (especially hungry), my cart can get out of control. You can even add preferences in the notes section on the app, such as “We have dogs. Leave the goods on the porch.” Side note: If you have Amazon Prime, you can have Whole Foods delivered. I use both.

AAA Membership. I wasn’t kidding when I said practical. My Dad gives me an AAA membership every year and you feel a little more confident knowing you’ve got that AAA card in your wallet. Some hotels even offer discount rates with your membership.

XO, Libby


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